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Managing Applications Is Like Managing In Baseball

Beyond Metrics to Meaning

When Yogi Berra was a manager, despite having access to the rich repository of baseball KPI metrics, he cryptically, and wisely, quipped, "You can observe a lot by watching."

While IT strives to put the next generation of performance monitoring and management solutions into place, it is also important to remember it's not all about metrics -- you can learn a lot by watching.

It is not possible to rule out the impact of end-user behavior on both the performance of the application and the perception of the user experience. Any application performance monitoring tool that does not analyze end-user behavior will not provide the intelligence required to both manage IT service levels and support the end-users.

However, even more significant is the insight into how end-users are actually using the application software tools. The value of technology is not in the technology itself - even if that technology is performing properly. The value comes when employees successfully leverage these expensive IT tools to execute business processes.

To provide a true measure of business service, IT decision makers need to know how the technology is used on a daily basis: are employees using the tools that are provided; are they using the right transactions for their role; are they using them efficiently - or is a security or compliance train wreck waiting to happen?

This need for comprehensive end-user intelligence is transforming the IT application management market. According to one analyst firm, "end-users will increasingly favor vendors that can move beyond experience monitoring into behavior monitoring."

Do You Have a Plan?

It's the people, the end-users, who make IT valuable. The only way to truly understand if your IT investment is producing ROI is to monitor the end-user usage of those applications. It is time for IT to have the visibility necessary to make the proper decisions to make the best of an enterprise IT infrastructure.

This visibility that will also help IT decision-makers accurately justify IT expenditures at every level of the organization. Major League Baseball teams recognized a long time ago that you can have the best players on your roster, but unless you monitor their health and performance, you aren't optimizing the performance of the team.

Do you have a plan to optimize the performance of your team? After all, as Yogi said, "If you don't know where you're going, you might not get there."

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(Source: Computerworld)