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Benefit of Outsourcing: How Much do Companies Outsource?

A Study by the National Foregin Council on Trade, conducted with the SHRM Global Forum found that the past five years have shown an increase in outsourcing (no surprise) but an increased dissatisfaction with it as well. Overall it found an 84% satisfaction level with outsourcing practices, but this was down from 92% from the first year of the survey (2000).

This fact reflects the increasing trend in outsourcing a broad array of company functions, as well as the entry of thousands of outsourcing providers into the marketplace.

However the practice is increasing commonplace with many companies seeing a benefit to outsourcing many jobs. The largest percentage of outsourced jobs is in IT (28%), followed by HR (15%), Sales & Marketing (14%), and Financial Services (11%).

Make the Case for Outsourcing Business Functions

Less Obvious Benefits of Outsourcing
Outsourcing today can be viewed as a strategic management function instead of merely a cost-cutting function. Here are some of the less obvious "pros" to outsourcing: