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SHUBA is not like most organizations. The feeling you get from working here is hard to convey. The buzz, the excitement, the sense of adventure combine to create a more stimulating environment. Discover how you can contribute to the fizz and to the creative vision underlying our success.

Our people will always be SHUBA's biggest asset. In an environment that fizzes with a unique combination of technical innovation and creative flair, it's their talent, inspiration and sense of adventure that drive the business forward. That's why, whenever it's time for new members to join the team, we look for those who share our inquisitive and resourceful approach.

Please look through available positions. If you want to apply for a position, please send your resume and recommendations by e-mail to

We look for creative and talented persons who are excel in their areas of expertise. We have a really great team, so we especially welcome persons whose sociability and culture make us even better!

Positions currently available are listed below.
* Please put your expected salary in the resume and send it to
Only the qualified applicant will be contacted to follow the next selection procedure.