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PT. SHUBA Mitra Solusi, or "SHUBA" as it is commonly known was established in 2003 to respond the growing needs of information tech¬nology in enterprises and industries in regional area. SHUBA Solution is a diversified global software development and IT outsourcing company that give both offshore and onshore technology solution to business enterprises and industries. Infinity has proven expertise in encompassing low cost, with highest quality and most reliable software solution and services in areas like IT consulting, offshore web development and business application including e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, content management and many other business systems.

SHUBA solution and services has grown to be key provider of tools for business growth, driving business productivity, offer enterprises a wide range of possibilities for improving their competitiveness, automation and opening up numerous new business niches and models. Years of extensive experience in financial services, automotive, telecommunication and institutional work have given our team a keen perspective on the industry. It pro¬vides us with a unique ability to finish our jobs on time and within budget, and coupled with our no-nonsense approach, has kept our clients coming to us again and again to complete their most important projects.

The strength of SHUBA lies in its outstanding model of project execution that makes it possible for the timely delivery of the most complicated and advanced software and IT solution to the clients. Supported by talented expertise of experienced software engineers from the top notch technical and Research institutes in the country.

SHUBA has acquired an internationally recognized team of professionals and achieved the status of reputed software development service provider by gaining immense experience in undertaking and implementing a wide range of project for reputed na¬tional and multinational business enterprises.


“Being a trusted company for IT solutions and services in Regional Area”.


To provide cost effective, innovative and quality IT solutions and services that create added value for our clients and benefits for their stakeholders.


At SHUBA we offer independent and objective information technology solutions to provide client needs. An integral feature of our services is the appreciation of our clients' objectives and the establishment of a robust working relationship based on trust, mutual respect and understanding.

We pride ourselves on being one-stop IT Solution Company, and we offer our collective expertise and a full range of business advisory services in Strategy, Business Processes and Information Technology Solutions.


Our clients are reputable organizations of various sizes and include multinationals, large national corporations, as well as state-owned enterprises and public institutions. The wide range of companies that employ our services as well as the broad array of industries they are engaged in, attests to the quality and versatility of our services.